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What You Should Look for in Your Botox Provider

Neuromodulators, like Botox® and Jeuveau®, form the basis of injectable cosmetics that have driven the industry for decades. This is because of how highly effective they are at treating unwanted facial wrinkles - for nearly everybody!

Various brand name forms have been FDA approved for temporary reduction or elimination treatment of facial lines and wrinkles about the face. Off-label usages – like facial slimming, neck band treatments, gummy lines, the Nefertiti lift and more – have evolved due to how versatile these products perform.

Each product handles slightly differently and I always recommend an experienced injector. This is because the cookie cutter FDA approved treatment regimens often do not provide the best individual results.

Make sure to have a treatment provider who is on the same page with you regarding your ideal look, and is willing to listen to your input. I feel like the goal of aesthetics and cosmetic treatments is to feel the best you possibly can in your own skin – rather than being sold on the (most expensive) treatment your injector thinks will look good for you. At the end of the day, it’s your satisfaction that makes my job rewarding – I can’t achieve this without taking the time to listen, consult, advise, and carefully perform your treatment as a physician-patient team.

The active ingredient for these treatments is a form of botulinum toxin – one of the most poisonous substances known!

Next time – tune in for an update on how neuromodulators work – what can make them last shorter or longer, and the latest FDA approved product Daxxify ®.

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