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Unlock an exclusive offer at our clinic – receive 10 complimentary units of Jeuveau when you purchase 30 units! That's only $420 for 40 units. This special promotion is tailored for your first Jeuveau treatment, providing an excellent opportunity to experience its remarkable results. To avail of this offer, simply schedule your appointment online and mention to your provider. Your discount will be automatically applied at the time of purchase. 

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Botox and Jeuveau 'tox are treatments FDA approved to improve frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

It's also recommended for younger patients as preventative measures. Consistently using Botox or Jeuveau 'tox will prevent future wrinkles from forming and ease the ones that are already formed. 

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$15 per Unit



$14 per Unit

Rough Estimates
Different from Actual Prices

Crows Feet


Bunny Lines


Jaw Slimming


Frown (Glabellar) lines


Eyebrow Lift


Migraine Headache


Forehead Lines




Gummy Smile/Lip Flip


Cost of B.otox & Jeauveau 'Tox

Bo'tox and Jeuveau 'tox are medications prescribed by a Medical Provider, and its dosage is determined based on individual needs. The dosage of Bo'tox is measured in units. This leads us to the question: what is the difference between paying for Bo'tox 'by the unit' versus 'by the area'?

Some establishments have a fixed price for each treated 'area,' but at Aloha Aesthetics MD, we charge for Bo.tox based on the number of units used. By charging per unit, you can be confident that you are only paying for the exact amount necessary for your treatment. The total cost will vary depending on the number of units administered. If you receive more units, the price will be higher; if you receive fewer units, the price will be lower.

When you pay per area, the price remains the same, regardless of the number of neuro toxin units injected into that area. However, it's important to understand what constitutes an 'area.' For example, the space between the eyebrows (known as the glabella) is considered one area, the forehead (where lines appear when raising the eyebrows) is another area, and the corners of the eyes (known as crow's feet) form a separate area. Some establishments may define additional areas, such as the sides of the nose. The drawback of paying per area is that even if you require fewer Bo'tox units than someone else, you still pay the same price, receiving less value for your money. This lack of fairness is evident, especially since establishments charging per area often don't disclose the actual dosage provided. It's akin to paying for an all-you-can-eat buffet when you're not hungry and essentially subsidizing another person's meal. The same principle applies when paying for Bo'tox based on the treated area.

Additionally, the desired results vary from person to person. Not everyone seeks the same outcome from a Bo'tox or Jeuveau 'tox procedure. The effects of neuro toxin can range from subtle and natural-looking to a more pronounced and 'frozen' appearance, depending on the client's preferences. Some individuals aim for a refreshed look, while others may wish to minimize all facial expressions. There is no universally accepted standard, and there exists a broad spectrum of options in between. However, achieving a heavily frozen look requires a significantly higher number of Bo'tox units compared to a more conservative treatment.

At Aloha Aesthetics MD, we take pride in offering customized treatments to our clients. Charging based on the number of units used is an integral part of our personalized approach. We always provide complimentary consultations, during which we explain the mechanism of Bo'tox and discuss your desired outcomes in detail. We will educate you about the recommended dosage that is most suitable for you. Typically, there is sufficient time to administer the treatment on the same day as your consultation. 


Can Botox and Jeuveau be used for both cosmetic and medical purposes?

Yes, they are used for treating cosmetic concerns like wrinkles and medical conditions like hyperhidrosis and chronic migraines.


How long do the effects of Botox and Jeuveau last?

Typically, the effects last for 3-6 months, depending on the individual and the treated area.

Are there any side effects associated with Botox and Jeuveau treatments?

Some common side effects include bruising, swelling, and occasionally, temporary muscle weakness.

Can anyone receive Botox or Jeuveau treatments?

Not everyone is a candidate; it's important to consult with a specialist to discuss your health history and treatment goals.

How soon can I see results after treatment?

Results usually become visible within a few days to a week after treatment.

How much is Botox or Jeuveau treatment?

Each treatment requires various amounts of tox, which is why we offer free consultation. Give us a call at (808) 302-1425 to schedule a time to speak to our experienced provider.

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